Calamity and Ruin

Sam Gibbons, Stephanie Goode, Arthur Henderson, Matt King, Fionn McCabe, Katie James, Staci Scibelli, Chris Wawrinofsky, Nathan Wellman, Summer Wheat, Brian Wilmont, and others

Oh Nancy and Projekt722 proudly present "Calamity & Ruin" the first comprehensive exhibition of the Oh Nancy collective in Brooklyn, NY. Oh Nancy is vehicle for artists - providing a narrative structure that facilitates collaboration and multiple authorship. Artistic endeavors evolve organically out of this process and become interdependent. Histories within these works are constructed and layered to embrace various versions of one narrative blueprint; one that utilizes contradiction, symbolism and coincidence. Our intent is to build alternate myths around quintessential American institutions gaining both insight and inspiration.

"Calamity and Ruin" focuses on the most recent series of events in the ever expanding universe of the Oh Nancy myth. When we last saw the Corn Team they were running from the Preacher and his goons and in that time we wondered what would be happening back in the mysterious town these characters came from. We imagine that without the Preacher and their beloved footballers the townsfolk are probably tearing the place up. The Preacher and the Corn Team embodied faith and order but now they've all gone and the villagers left behind feel abandoned. They don't know where to turn and they're searching for new purpose.

For the exhibition at Projekt722 Oh Nancy and their collaborators have created a site-specific installation entitled the "Busted Monument." A companion piece to the monument will be a a one-night performance on March 9th. An actor portraying Nancy will be grilling and serving home-cooked burgers and dogs - a one hour tailgate. Like the monument the grill was built by Oh Nancy and collaborators.