Thomas Lendvai: It won’t give me its name

Thomas Lendvai is a site-situated sculptor. He began his career as a steel sculptor and experimented with painting but as he developed as an artist, he became more concerned with phenomenological issues of space and time. Intrigued with how site-situated work creates its own space, its own context, Lendvai constructs pieces that are transient, durational, and informed by the engagement with the viewer. Interested in the tactile and peripatetic, Lendvai aims to create an experience as opposed generating work that is purely retinal.

For Projekt 722, Lendvai will install a site-situated sculpture made from industrial bungee cords tightly tethered to opposing walls, creating a 2-dimensional plane that diagonally bisects the gallery. Positioned slightly askew in the quadrilinear gallery, It won’t give me its name explores the space between representation and abstraction.

Lendvai received his MFA from The School of Visual Arts and his BA from SUNY Stony Brook. His work has been show at Garis & Hahn, New York; Nurtureart, New York; Tokyo University of the Arts, Japan; Harper College, Illinois; Winkleman Gallery, New York; PS 122, New York; Heckscher Museum of Art, New York. He is based in Brooklyn, NY.